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Commandline Manager - How to add mods

 December 15, 2019     0 Comments

Adding Mods to the server is very easy, follow the below steps to do so:

  1. You need to find the mods ID first, to do so, go to steam workshop browser, find the mod you want and click on it. Most of the time the mod ID will be in the description of the mod but if its not you can find it by looking at the URL in your steam browser, see picture below.
  2. When you have all the Mod ID's you want to add, open TCadmin and click on Commandline Manager on the left hand side.
  3. You will see your Commandline, click on "SELECTED" on the right hand side (if your using a custom commandline click on Custom Commandline at the top first)
  4. You will see blocks you can add values, in the "Mods (Separate with Comma)" you can add the mod ID's make sure you separate them with a comma and do not put spaced in between. Example: 731604991,849985437,1262248217
  5. When you are done, click the "APPLY" button and restart the server.
NOTE 1: The order in which these mods are added is very important, most mods will tell you if it needs to be in the front but the general rule is: MAP MODS FIRST > LARGE CORE MODS (Primal fear, GAIA etc) > Major structure/item mods (Structure Plus etc) then everything else.
NOTE 2: The server, after adding mods, will automatically in the background download the mods, please allow enough time for this to happen before you contact the host. 
NOTE 3: If there is a mod update for your server, all you need to do is restart the server, it will re-download the update.
NOTE 4: Some mods are very large, with this in mind we recommend you do not load to many mods at the same time, My rule of thump is to add 5 mods and let them download then add another 5 till you reached the amount you want to install.

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