Joining your server

  • March 8, 2021

Since the creation of this guide there is currently 3 ways to connect to your server, one of which is still buggy

Lets start with the easiest way to connect and work our way down.

  1. ) Once you started your server you and waited about 2min you can open Valheim the game, Click on "Join Game" and then add your servers name in the community list Filter like the screenshot below.

  2. ) You can also connect directly using the you game servers IP and Game Port, both can be found on the front page of your TCadmin page.

  3. ) Lastly you can add your game server to Steam Browser using the QUERY port, however we do not recommend using it as right now there is a bug where you can not connect directly to your server using Steam.

Note: Once you click start the server takes about 2min to turn on so if you do not see your server in the list give it a few more minutes.

Note 2: If you can not find your server at all make sure you followed the steps in "Getting Started" guide.

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