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  • Ark Update and 10 Slot servers

    February 18, 2020 by Willem Naude
  • Hi Everyone

    Due to overwhelming request and support from the Ark community we have decided to do something back for the community. We have added a 10 slot Ark server for R150 a month!

    Most of you might not know but ark pricing is generally based on resources used, the more mods people load the more it eats up so that’s why almost all hosting companies have a minimum slot cap to cover these prices, but we want to do something for the Ark Community in a whole so we are introducing 10 slot ark servers.

    These servers will be some what limited and there is only a certain amount available for rental. These servers are mainly targeted for the smaller servers, the family servers and private servers, but also for those that want to add a extra server to there cluster for maps not widely used (Scorched earth).

    We will see how it goes and maybe look at adding this for other games, but for now its only added to Ark 

    Enjoy and good luck with Genesis!