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  • January 2020 news letter

    January 28, 2020 by Willem Naude
  • Hi everyone

    I wanted to send a mailer to let everyone know that we have added several games to our portfolio including popular Dayz Standalone. But remember as always if you ever want a specific game just ask if we can host it we will make a plan if we can


    As most of you might of heard there has been chat about the above to games getting local servers, I am getting a lot of mixed information but just a update if these servers do become local we will be hosting them.


    With Ark Genesis being released en of Feb we of course will be ready for the release and add it to TCadmin the day it comes out, for logistical purposes if you plan on getting a Genesis server from us or adding one to your cluster please send me a mail, we just want to make sure we have enough hardware ready for the launch of the new map and from what I have seen it will be amazing.