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  • Future of gaming evolved

    January 6, 2022 by Willem Naude
  • This year’s goals

    I am sending out this message to talk more about the future of GamingEvolved, where we are now and where we would like to be at the end of this year.

    Currently we are by far the biggest game hosting company in South Africa, we average between 400-450 hosted games across an array of dedicated hardware which we have carefully sourced, procured and upgraded to provide the best hosting experience possible. Our goal for this year is to increase that by 30% as the reality is so many people still join GamingEvolved and tell me “they been looking for a south African host for so long” and the rest all use oversea’s companies that take the money out of the country.

    Current status of Servers

    As it stands our servers are getting quite full, I have turned down a few clients, something we are not in the habbit of doing but I wanted my current clients to not be playing on a over flowing servers, so with that said we ordered 2 new dedicated servers which should arrive at the end of January to enlarge our capacity and our big boy server is still pending, the problem with this is I cant find stock of the server I want and I don’t just want to buy anything because the CPU’s which are currently in my drawers are 128 core 3.4ghz CPU’s and they deserve to be placed in a big motherboard. But we are pushing suppliers to get the server.

    Once the Big boy server is finally up we will be dividing our hosting into a proper “high performance” and “budget” servers.

    Upcoming projects

    We are for the next 6 months going to focus hard on upgrading our game templates so they are more user friendly, some of you might of seen some of the changes but we are going to focus hard on making it as easy to use as possible. We will also be moving data centers are our ISP has bought there own building and plan on building there own brand spanking new datacenter with upgraded technology and connections. We will be getting our own Rack for all my servers sometime in the next year.


    We are going to “decommission” the very first server I bought when the 3 new servers arrive, decommission might be a strong word as there is nothing wrong with the server but it has always been a goal of mine to get a server that I will solely use for sponsorships and community hosted servers. We will be assigning a staff member to handle this entirely and manage all our community hosted servers.


    GamingEvolved is going strong and we want to thank everyone for there continues support and we will continue to provide the best service we can!